When your first impression...
Is your only impression
When your first impression...
Is your only impression
Services We Provide

We offer GO WORK, SHOW WORK, HIGH WORK and EYE WORK...please see definitions at bottom

SPRAY, BRUSH or ROLL... In most all cases when spraying is used, there should be back brushing or rolling

Interior and Exterior Painting

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Restoration, Rehab
Power Washing... And not just power washing, we hand scrub, truly a difference in the longevity of proper painting
Aluminum siding painting
Vinyl siding painting
Staining: Interior and Exterior
Industrial Painting
City - State - Town Work

Plaster repairs: Design on walls and ceilings: Lathes, Screen and Proper securing of remaining plaster
Stucco Painting: Repairs and design
Ceilings: Paint and repairs, Custom Plaster Ceilings, Swirl, Basket Weaving,Sand, Pop Corn, Embossing, Silver and Gold Leaf
Artistic Painting: Murals, Antique Finishes, Faux, Metallics, Old World, Tuscan and more
Glass & Mirror: Etching and Engraving
Paint Stripping several coats
Wallpaper removal
Logo's Painted or plastered into walls

Lettering, Branding
GO WORK: Doing work at a fast pace with minimum attention to detail, just get it done and looking good to either rent or sell Usually
apartments, condos and flips, All most one color with flat finish walls, ceiling and trim with the exception of baths, kitchen trim
and doors being semi-gloss.
This cost is cheap.

SHOW WORK: Working with full attention to detail, in an efficient and clean manner, using specialty tools and craftsmanship with
quality paints.
This cost is more.

HIGH WORK: Using specialty aerial lifts, scaffolding and rigging, harnessed required on lifts and rigging, hard hats if needed or
requested, Hight is unlimited.
The higher we go... So does the cost.

EYE WORK: The same as SHOW WORK just a lot more detail, sanding, dental picking, cleaning, more sanding, more detail, it is the
very best we can offer and use the best quality paints with the highest quality craftsmanship.
This cost is priceless.
  • Fully Insured
  • Licensed
  • Dependable
  • Cleanliness
Professionals and Other Companies we work with...

Fortunato Construction, Bobs Discount Furniture, CT Valley Homes, JTN Electrical
N.E.S.T. International: Build-a-Bear, J.Jill
, Creative Wall Enhancements,
Grillo Brothers General Contracting and Building
L&S Builders, American Dreams Real Estate
Alaimo & Barile Real Estate, Finish Line Signs & Graphics,
Baron & Jacobs, DQ (Dairy Queen), MBrett Painting, Mohegan Painting, Cuzzones
, Sherwin WIlliams, Clarks Paints, John Boyle Paints, Paints Plus, Avon
Paints, OL WIllard Co. ACME for keeping my rolling tool box of a van going and going
and many more I just have not listed yet !!!

We Sincerely Thank All of Our Clients